Monday, July 11, 2011

Fourth of July 2011

This year we spent the Fourth of July in Utah with both Darren's and my family. We had so many fun activities to do. We spent Saturday at the Freedom Festival in Provo with my family and then went to the Stadium of Fire. On Monday the 4th we had a swimming party and BBQ with Darren's Family in Mapleton. It was so good to see everyone and to celebrate our countries Independence together. ( Oh p.s Just chopped all my hair off right before the fourth .)
xoxo Lindz

Abby and Mommy

Grandma Rose, Abby, and Madison

Abby and Madison

Abby holding Madison down so she doesn't run away!

Madison saying "Cheese"

Cute little Abby my awesome photogenic child!

Darren blowing up balloons for a water fight. ( he shaved his head while I was on vacation!)

Swimming in the pool with the cousins at Grandpa and Grandma Gonzales'

Madison doesn't like to be splashed!

Abby warming up after swimming.

Madison is ready for a nap!

Daddy ( Darren) pushing the kids in the swings.

Madison chillin' out in the little kid chairs.

Madison playing in the jumping house at the Freedom Festival

Daddy and Abby at the Freedom Festival

Mommy and Abby riding the rides at the F. Festival

Mommy and the girls riding the roller coaster. ( I had been on a bunch of spinny rides by this point so I am glad that i did not throw -up!)

Madison all tuckered out!

Darren with a yummy chocolate covered banana!

Abby getting a sparkly Purple mushroom tattoo!

Stadium of Fire

This Fourth of July I went with my mom, Courtney , and our friend Christy to the Stadium of Fire! We had so much fun this year and loved it a lot more than I did last year. We were able to see David Archeletta, and Brad Paisley in Concert! It was Awesome! We had so much fun ( and maybe a little too much fun! ) enjoying the festivities. I love the Fourth of July because it gives you that fuzzy feeling of Freedom and unity. xoxo Lindz

Mom and Court

Mom and Me

Courtney being Courtney

Me getting excited to see Brad! ( thumbs up!)

My so excited that he is coming on stage face!

Looks like I am tired but it is really an excited face!
Hello David!
I love Brad Paisley! He is such a HOTTIE!

"Waiting on a Women!"

The Hogle Zoo 2011

We went to Hogle zoo this year with our friends Danielle and Taggart Rieske, Grandma Rose, and Aunt Court. I love the zoo and the kids always think that it is so great to see all the animals up close. This year they had dinosaurs all over the zoo so that was really fun twist to see at the zoo. xoxo Lindz

Abby, Taggart, and Madison playing on the lion statue.

Aunt Court trying to show Madison that the Dinosaurs were not scary! ( I don't think it worked)

One of the "scary" dinosaurs that are at the zoo.

Playing by the Elephant statue.

Looking at all the bugs.
Looking a the monkeys through binoculars.

Choo Choo All aboard!

Of course Madison found the dirt!

Abby and Tag getting their pictures taken with the dinosaurs!

Courtney was too tired to walk!

The Carousel was so much fun for both the girls!

Playing at Courts in Cedar Hills

After we went to visit my Parents we stopped in Cedar Hills Utah to visit my sister Courtney. We took the girls to the Cedar Hills park to play on the playground and in the river. They always have fun at Courts and Adams house! xoxo Lindz

Madison trying to escape from Aunt Brookie

Madison trying to share her Cheetos with a little dog at the park.

Madison and mommy going to play a the river with mommy.
The water was really really cold!

Abby, Lizzie, and Madison playing choo choo train with and exercise band. So funny!