Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween with the Gonzales Family

Halloween was so much fun with the girls this year! We had a blast at the ward Trunk or Treat on Saturday Night. Madison got the hang of the candy thing pretty quick. On Monday Abby had a party at Preschool and dance class and then we went out on the town trick or treating! They girls had so much fun looking going door to door and picking out their treats. When they got home they had fun looking at their loot! Madison opened all the suckers a gave them just one lick and then handed them to me! Abby had to line up all her candy in rows to get a proper look. Love these cute girls! xoxo Lindz

Madison running away from pictures!
Hangin out in the wagon!
We had to dress "share Bear" up in a costume too!
Super Abby to the rescue!
Super girls!
What a cute little super hero!
Daddy looks hilarious with his purple hair!
Madison and Daddy at Trunk or Treat!
Trick or Treat!

We found a scary witch on our trick or treating adventure!

Gonzales Family Pictures 2011

In October the Gonzales Family all got together to get family pictures taken. I think they turned out pretty cute! I especially love my little girls but I am a bit biased! xoxo Lindz

Cute little madison!
Lindsay and Darren ( what a hottie)
Our little family
The look on Abby's face is priceless!
All the adults!
The whole Family!
Madison again!
Abby playing in the flowers!
All the family again!

Madzilla Turns Two Years Old....

I can't believe that our little Madison (Madzilla) is already two years old! Time has gone so fast and our baby has transformed into a little girl! Madison is one of those kids that is always on the go go go! She loves to climb, play with sister, and especially do anything that she knows will get attention from mommy! ( good or bad) Madison loves to play with our dog princess and tries to ride her. Princess usually just sits down so it never really works out. Madison loves to play in the play kitchen, hold her baby dolls, jump on the couch, and play at the park. She is such a sweet little girl and if you are lucky she will be in the mood to give you loves! xoxo Lindz
Madison enjoying her chocolate birthday cake!
Aunt Courtney had to hold her up so she could "blow" out the candles!
Minnie Mouse Party in Utah with the family!
Madison hates to sit still long enough to open presents so we only got a few pictures!

Yummy Pizza and Chips for Dinner!