Friday, July 9, 2010

Fourth of July with the Gonzales Family

The Fourth of July was so much fun this year. We had a blast going to the Freedom Festival in Provo,UT, Lighting fireworks with Abby ( she loves the "Sprinkles" aka the Sparklers,) and we had so much fun going to the Stadium of Fire to see Carrie Underwood with my sister Courtney and her husband Adam. I love the month of July and the spirit of Patriotism that it brings!
xoxo Lindz

My mom made the girls these cute little Fourth of July dresses and Aunt Court made the bows!
Abby gets tired of sharing the spotlight with her little sister!

A really bad picture of Court and I at the Stadium of Fire!

Abby and mommy on the 'Flying Whales" at the Freedom Frestival

What a little rock climber!

Abby posing with Bell at a cute little booth at the Freedom Festival

Lighting Fireworks in our PJ's on the 2nd of July

I love " Sprinkles"