Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Gonzales Family Easter

We celebrated our Easter this year at my sisters house in Eagle, ID. We had a great time setting up an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids. Daddy helped Abby wrestle the boys for her share of the eggs. We also were able to see Abbys newest little cousin Clayton blessed on Easter morning.

Abby had a fun time Easter Egg Hunting with Daddy! She did really good picking up her eggs and handing them to daddy! I think daddy had motivation to get some candy for himself!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Abby are sweet little Girl

Abby loves bath-time. She always cries when she has to get out. (Even when she has been in for an hour.) She loves to play with her toys. She does not like it when daddy dumps water over her head.

Abby is learning how to climb up the stairs. Sometimes she gets brave enough to stand up and let go. This gives mommy a heartattack!

Darren is building a toy box and book shelves in our Bonus Room. Abby is playing hide-and-go-seek in her toy box. She thinks that she is so sneeky hiding from mommy, but she forget to put her hands inside the toy box so she is easy to find!!