Friday, May 16, 2014

Softball Season for Abby

This months has kicked off the Coach Pitch softball season for South Hill Little League. Abby is on the Sun Devils with Coach Wirtala who was her Tee-ball coach from last year. Abby is having so much fun so far learning to play the game with her team. She loves to get dressed up in her uniform and going to the games. Abby is an awesome player who is great at stopping the ball! Let the games begin! xoxo Lindz
Abby with her team at Opening Ceremonies.

Dad and Jordyn hanging out!

Jordyn wants to play too!

Abby trying out catcher on her first game

Abby turns 7 years old!

I cannot believe that my sweet little Abby is 7 years old! Time with this one has flown right by! Abby is the sweet little "mother of the family" that is always helping me take care of her two younger sisters. She is a sweet, funny, and kind little girl that is always looking to make new friends and include others. Abby loves to sign and dance. She can be found with her iPod in her ears singing the songs to "Frozen" pretty much 24/7. Abby celebrated her birthday this year with a sleepover party with some of her school friends. The girls had so much fun! We love this amazing little girl and are so blessed to have her in our home! Happy Birthday Abby!

Abby in her Elsa dress from the movie "Frozen" made by Grandma Rose (Higham)

Abby was so excited to open her presents!

Abby did not take off her dress for the entire day.

Little Mermaid Lego set from Grandpa and Grandma Gonzales

Abby with Jayden, Kayleenah, and Madeline. ( and of course her little sisters)

Abby eating her Pizza Cake

Abby loves Lego's and spend the rest of the day putting together her new Lego sets.

Trip to Disneyland

We had the best time on our First trip to Disneyland as a family in February. We were able to spend an entire week in Anaheim enjoying Disneyland and time with family. We kids had the fun opportunity to share this vacation with all of their Gonzales cousins! We all had a blast at Disneyland and even little Jordyn got into it! The weather was beautiful except for the last day we were at Disneyland. Anaheim showered us with monsoon rain storms! We did not have to wait in line pretty much at all on this day! The girls also enjoyed swimming in the pool at the house that we rented for the week! The best part of our Disneyland trip was having lunch with 5 princesses at Ariel's Grotto in California Adventure. Madison could hardly contain her excitement when she saw the princesses.This was a fun experience that we will be sure to repeat. The girls also had a blast on the new Cars ride. This was the most popular ride at the park. The kids also enjoyed the staple favorites such as , Pirates of the Caribbean, Indiana Jones, Toy story, Splash, Mountain, and the Jungle Cruise. I think that this vacation was a big hit and I have a feeling that we will be going there again! xoxo Lindz

Abby, Lizzie, Madison, and Peyton getting ready to go to Disneyland
Jordyn showing off her First Visit badge

 The girls found Rapanzel in Fantasyland

All three girls at the Dumbo ride in Fantasyland

 Mom with the three girls on the Tea Cups. We even got Dad to go!

Dad and Jordyn on the Tea Cups

We ran into Captain Hook 

Madison loved the Auto bond

Mom, Abby, and Lizzie riding the tractors in Carsland

Madison, Lizzie, and Abby waiting in line to see Lightening McQueen
Meeting Lightening McQueen for the first time!

 The girls with Ariel at Ariels Grotto

The girls with Aurora

The girls with Belle

The girls with Snow White

The girls with Cinderella

Abby and Lizzie at the Cars ride

Madison and Abby with Flick from Bugs Life
The girls found "Boo's" door in Monsters Inc

Jordyn with Mickey Mouse

Darren and Abby on Splash Mountain

Darren and Lindsay visiting Mater in the rain

Abby with Grandma Gonzales at the Lego Store

The Hulk with Abby and dad at the Lego Store

Abby's new best friend at the Lego Store
Mom, Abby, and Madison on Main Street in Disneyland

Friday, January 10, 2014

Happy New Year...2014

The New Year brought many more fun activities for our family. Abby and mommy went on a girls day to Gardener Village with Auntie Court and Auntie Kristen. We went to the most amazing fabric shop and helped Auntie Court pick out material for some baby sewing projects (twins!). We also had fun bowling with family. The girls had so much fun winning tickets at the arcade when we were done bowling. We had a fun New Years Eve party including Just Dance 4 and of course delicious food! I am happy to see 2013 go and so excited for 2014 and the excitement and hope that it brings. xoxo Lindz
 Auntie Court, Grandma Rose , and Abby
 Grandma Rose, Lindsay, Abby, Court ( and babies), Kristen
 Abby and Mommy
 Lindsay bowls a STRIKE!
 Madison loves to take pictures. She is my little photographer
 Courtney and her baby bump
 Abby posing with her ball
 Madison and Mommy
 Abby with her cousins James and Clay playing Just Dance 4

 Court sporting her glow-in-the -dark glasses
 Abby posing AGAIN
 Jordyn banging on pans to bring in the New Year ( at 9pm)
 Abby and Madison getting a New Years kiss <3 p="">
 Waking up the neighbors with noise
Happy New Year!