Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

This year we celebrated Thanksgiving at our house in Idaho Falls. Everyone except my brothers were able to make it. We had a lot of fun going Black Friday shopping starting at 3am and playing on the Wii! It was great to have the family here to spend time together!
( The sun was on our eyes during picture!)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Madison in hats

Courtney and my mom made some really cute hats for a craft fair and they decided to use my little Madison as a model. ( Some of the hats are really big but they still look cute!)


Halloween this year came just a week after I had Madison. My Mom and sister Courtney came to visit and take Abby Trick or Treating! Abby had so much fun Trick or Treating with Dad and Grandma while Courtney drove me and Madison around in the warm car so I wouldn't miss out on the Festivities! Abby loved to knock on the door and say Trick or Treat. She always said "Thank You" after she got the candy! I had fun eating the candy! ( I tried to get some good pictures of Abby but she is in the I don't want to get my picture taken stage!) Showing off her costume

With Grandma and Court
( Yes Courtney dressed up as an eighties girl and her hair is huge!)

Abby and Daddy

Getting ready to go trick or treating!

Knocking at the neighbors house !

Nobodys home!