Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Camping with the Gonzales family at Pineview Res.

We had so much fun at Pineview Res. with the Gonzales family. It was so much fun to sit by the water and relax. The kids thought the water was great and played in it all day even though it was a little cold! I love camping and the relaxing feeling I get when I am out in nature and away from all of the things on my to-do list! ( Warning: lots of pictures) xoxoLindz

Aunt Kristy painting the little girls nails.

Making smores by the fire!

It is very easy to babysit your kid when she is buried in the sand!

Darren is taking the sandcastle contest a little too far!

Little miss Abby playing in the water!

Sandcastle contest.....Darren was the only adult in the contest with a bunch on kids!

Little sister and Big sister

Madison basking in the sun!

Madison and Daddy playing in the water!

Daddy and Abby going out on the canoe!

Uncle Steve splashing the canoe with the wave runner!

Madison taking a break to say CHEESE!

Madison in her big life jacket!

Abby hangin' with the cousins on the boat!

Teaching Madison to swim!

Big Girl Bed

Madison is in a BIG GIRL BED! My sweet little monster has been climbing out of her bed lately and it was getting to the point that she was going to hurt herself while doing it. We finally decided that it was time to convert her crib into a bed. She LOVED it! Now she loves to be in her bed since we took all the fun out of climbing out! Such smart parents! Abby decided that since Madison got a new bed she needed to rearrange her bed room.... so we did! xoxo Lindz

Madison sitting on her big girl bed! ( Yes she has crazy hair which fits her perfectly!)


Abby wanted to try it out!

One little monster jumping on the bed!

AWWW sister love!

Target shooting with the family

For family night in July we went up in the hills to go target shooting. Abby had so much fun shooting the BB Gun with her daddy. It made me a little nervous and at one point Darren got really close to being shot by Abby when he walked away while she was still holding the gun. The BB Gun wouldn't have done much damage and might have been a tad bit funny! Gun safety HELLO! It was fun to get outside and enjoy the weather. xoxo Lindz

Abby getting pointers from her dad!

Looks like he knows what he is doing!

Madison was stuck in her car seat the whole time and was not happy about it!

Abby brought her princess camera to capture the moments just like mom!

Getting everything ready to go!

Darren with a big gun....lets just say that I stayed in the car!