Friday, January 10, 2014

Happy New Year...2014

The New Year brought many more fun activities for our family. Abby and mommy went on a girls day to Gardener Village with Auntie Court and Auntie Kristen. We went to the most amazing fabric shop and helped Auntie Court pick out material for some baby sewing projects (twins!). We also had fun bowling with family. The girls had so much fun winning tickets at the arcade when we were done bowling. We had a fun New Years Eve party including Just Dance 4 and of course delicious food! I am happy to see 2013 go and so excited for 2014 and the excitement and hope that it brings. xoxo Lindz
 Auntie Court, Grandma Rose , and Abby
 Grandma Rose, Lindsay, Abby, Court ( and babies), Kristen
 Abby and Mommy
 Lindsay bowls a STRIKE!
 Madison loves to take pictures. She is my little photographer
 Courtney and her baby bump
 Abby posing with her ball
 Madison and Mommy
 Abby with her cousins James and Clay playing Just Dance 4

 Court sporting her glow-in-the -dark glasses
 Abby posing AGAIN
 Jordyn banging on pans to bring in the New Year ( at 9pm)
 Abby and Madison getting a New Years kiss <3 p="">
 Waking up the neighbors with noise
Happy New Year!

Sleep under the Tree with the Gonzales Family

Sleep Under the Tree is the Christmas celebration that we do every year with the Gonzales Family. The kids all get to sleep under the tree in their sleeping bags at Grandma and Grandpa Gonzales' house. The adults are smart and sleep in beds! The kids all get new Pj's from Grandma and Grandpa. We have good food and fun games. In the morning we eat a great breakfast and open presents from the grandparents and the cousins. The girls love to play with their cousins and hang out with their grandparents. Darren and I love to play games with the adults and enjoy everyone's company. Happy second Christmas! xoxo Lindz
 Abby and her favorite cousin Lizzie
 The girls in their new PJ's
 Jordyn taking the bike out for a spin
 Abby and Jordyn opening presents
 Madison opening up her fisher price Pirate Ship from Grandma
 Abby and her Barbie Movie from Lizzie
 Madison and steeling the bike from Jordyn
 Darren opening up a new scrapbook with (4 )-3 day Hopper Passes for our trip to Disneyland in February
 Madison and her cousin Payton bombing each others pirate ships
 Princess Madison and her pirate ship

Christmas at the Higham House

This year just like every year we spent our Christmas vacation in Utah visiting our families. We had so many fun activities that we got to participate in over our vacation. Everyday was filled with excitement and memories. Christmas Eve was so exciting for the kids. Santa even left the kids a early package of Christmas PJs on the front porch as he was flying over the house. My kids were the only ones at the house on Christmas morning and we had so much fun focusing on them in the morning. They all took turns opening presents and were so excited to find out what new toys they were going to get. The adults enjoyed the excitement of the children as they ate doughnuts and made yummy hot chocolate. We ate a delicious Christmas brunch and enjoyed the day. The rest of the family came over for Christmas dinner and the cousins had fun playing together. I love the magic of Christmas! xoxo Lindz

 Family pictures in Christmas Dresses after Church
 Jordyn and Abby
 Grandma Rose , Madison, Abby , and Jordyn
 Madison, Uncle Adam, Abby, and Jordyn
 Abby and Jordyn
 Abby, Madison, and Grandpa Higham
 Jordyn checking out her new Lama Lama book.
 Abby and Madison checking out Uncle Adams new iPad mini.
 Abby and Madison showing off their new Christmas PJs
 Jordyn checking out the loot
 Abby tearing into her first present
 Madison's opening her first present
 Abby in one of her many princess aprons made by auntie Kristen
 Madison checking out her monsters university toys
 Madison with the Real Buzz Lightyear
 Abby and her Barbie Lego Mansion
 Auntie Court and Jordyn opening a present from Abby
 More Legos
 Daddy putting together Jordyn's Little People Princess Castle
 Madison and her Brave doll
Abby and more Lego's
 Abby and Despicable Me 2

 Jordyn checking out her Little Princesses

 Madison with Mike and Sully
 Madison with Jessie from Toy Story.. we now have the collection.