Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Girls New Pictures

We got the girls pictures taken when we went to Utah for Jordyns baby blessing and here is how they turned out! ( Thanks Becky at Milestones Fotography!) Enjoy! xoxo Lindz

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Swimming in the new Provo Outdoor Pool

We rewarded the girls with a fun swimming day after they were good getting their pictures taken. They had so much fun playing with their cousins at the outdoor poo in Provo, UT. This place is a great place for younger kids to play. We had a blast taking the girls down the big water slides. Both the girls would have stayed on the slides forever. I wish we had more places like this in Washington to take the girls swimming. xoxo Lindz

The Gardens at Thanksgiving Point

While we were in Utah we decided to spent the day at the kids part of  The Gardens at Thanksgiving Point. It was so neat and had a  lot of things for the kids to do including a climbing thing, racing boats, building, a hedge maze, a cave with tunnels to climb in, and a Noah's Ark splash park. The kids had so much fun! It was a great place to spend a sunny day with the girls! xoxo Lindz

 Madison is a little climber and showed no fear climbing around on this toy.
 Abby is a little more timid and cautious when climbing but still had fun.

 Madison found a large tractor tire in the building park and decided to climb in. 
 Darren had a fun time roll the girls around inside the tire.

 Aunt Court came along to play with Jordyn
 Playing some music
 exploring the cave

 The girls had so much fun in the splash park and didn't wan to leave.

Jordyn"s Baby Blessing

We decided to bless Jordyn while we were in Utah so that we could have are family and friends there. It was such a great blessing day and Darren did an awesome job giving our liitle one a great blessing.It is so amazing to feel the spirit and know that Heavenly Father sent this little one to our home for a purpose. I am so glad that Darren holds the priesthood and is able to give our girls this blessing! xoxo Lindz

 Darren and Jordyn
 Jordyn with her Mom and Dad
 Our cute little family
 Jordyn with us and Darren's Family

 Jordyn with us and my parents
 Four Generations

Wave Running at Deer Creek Res. in Utah

We went on a little family vacation to Utah the end of July. We had so much fun including going Wave Running at Deer Creek Res. My sisters Courtney and Brooke came with us to help out with the girls. The weather was perfect and we had a blast! Madison and Abby had so much fun going on the wave runners and they learned that you hold on really tight when you ride with dad! Darren dumped Courtney off really good and I wish I had my camera with me. It was hilarious! Baby Jordyn pretty much slept under the canopy.I love making memories with the family. xoxo Lindz 

 Abby yand Madison practcing their driving skills.

 Abby and mom getting ready to go for a ride.
 Brooke with Jordyn
 Courtney and Abby
 Madison camped out on the wave runners so that no one could go out without her!

 Darren, Brooke and Jordyn just hanging out
 Court and Abby had fun squirting Madison with the noodle.
 Jordyn thinks Brooke is so funny.

 Court going out with the girls
 Baby "J" is sleeping

Court and Jordyn