Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Abby's Princess Birthday Party!!

Abby's Birthday isn't until April 22nd but we decided to do it a little bit early since we were with family for Easter.We had a lot of fun with her Princess Party! Abby loved all the attention from everyone! She loved opening presents ( at least for the first few minutes!) I can't believe that Abby is two already! Time has gone by too quickly! Thanks everyone for the presents and for coming to her little party! xoxo Lindz

Easter Fun

We had a fun time going to Utah to Darren's Parents House for Easter. On Saturday we had an Easter Egg Hunt with the Neighborhood. Abby just wanted to pick up the first candy she saw and eat it!

Ready, Set, Go !

Me and My DAD!

Finding Easter Eggs With DADDY on Easter Morning!

Looking at Her Easter Basket

Friday, April 10, 2009

Top 8 Tag

Top 8 Favorite Restaurants

* Texas Road House
* Olive Garden
* Cafe Rio
* Panda Express
*Training Table
*Johnny Carinos
*Pizza Hut
* Artic Circle

Top 8 T.V shows

* 90210
*Grey's Anatomy
* SO you think you can Dance
*Private Practice
* Lost

8 Quirks ABout ME

* I like to clean the House
* Organizing is my relaxation
*I am addicted to Scrapbooking.
*I hate the sound of whistling
*I hate not getting my way not because I am spoiled but because my way is usually the best way!(Darren has still not got this concept down :0)

*I love Candy and snack food!
*I hate movies that cause me anxiety!

8 Random things I did Yesterday

* cut out scrapbook kits
*watched a movie with Abby
*Did the dishes
*Folded laundry
*Packed for vacation
* Ate Artic Circle
*Stayed in the House all Day!
*Checked My email!
( I know my life is so interesting!)

8 Things I look forward to everyday

* Playing with Abby
*5pm when DArren gets home from work!
*Catching up on my shows
* Bedtime
*Quiet Time

8 People I Tag

* Melanie
*Kristen Baker
* DAnielle
*Lindsey Likes

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pregnant Again!

I have been terrible about posting the last few weeks. Mostly because I am spacey but being Pregnant has a lot to do with it. I forgot how tired and sick I am in the beginning. Are new little baby is due on October 30th! I stole Melanie's idea and posted a baby counter to keep you updated on my little baby growth!! xoxo Lindz

My Quilt

I had so much fun making this adorable quilt with the help of my mom!

Trip To New Mexico

We went to visit my parents in New Mexico the last week in March! It was nice to get out of the cold weather and enjoy the sun! Abby loves to pick up rocks and use them as a cell phone!
Riding in the wagon was the Highlight of Abby's trip to Grandma and Grandpa's House

Abby loves Grandmas home cooking!
Daddy slept most of the trip!!

Daddy and Abby playing in the Tub with Bubbles!

We went to the Desert Zoo one afternoon while we were in Carlsbad,NM. It was fun to see Abby's reaction to the animals. Little Red Wagon

Abby and Daddy looking at the snakes!

Abby fell asleep on the way to the car!!!