Friday, April 15, 2011

The Girls Professional Pictures

It was that time again for the girls to get their pictures done again. I ended up going to Kiddie Kandids to get them done. Madison was a trouble maker as usual but the pictures turned out better than expected to I was happy. I can't believe that my little one are 4 years old and 18 Months! Where did the time go??? ( I posted like five new posts below so enjoy!) xoxo Lindz

Abby turns Four Years Old!

Abby decided this year like most the little girls in America to have a Disney " Tangled " birthday party!She was so excited that she talked about it for weeks before it happened. We did her birthday party over general conference weekend this year since we were in Utah with all her cousins. My sister Courtney has an amazing friend that did Abby's cute tower birthday cake. Abby had so much fun with her cousins! I think the party was a big success! xoxo Lindz

Tangled Cake

Getting ready to eat cake!

Abby has wanted a pinata at her birthday forever so I found this cute purple star that kind of went with our theme.

Batters up!

Tangled Rapunzel barbie!!
Lizzie, Abby , and Reese

Opening her presents!

Mini Golf with the Family in April

Are family had a blast going miniature golfing with my family in Utah! Abby had fun going golfing for the first time and Madison well... she had fun playing in the rocks! I haven't been mini Golfing in a long time so it was a fun experience for all. ( it was really windy so that is why we are all having bad hair days!) xoxo Lindz

Mommy and Abby hitting the ball!

Daddy showing Abby how it is done!
Mommy and Abby waiting our turn!

Madison playing with Aunt Brooke!

Really bad hair day!

My hole-in-one victory dance!
Brooke well... I am not sure what she is doing???


Abby posing by the Princess castle!

Grandma Rose comes to Idaho!

We had so much fun with Grandma rose when she came to visit us during her Spring Break in March. It was fun to spend the week with grandma and show her what we do. Abby was able to show her were she goes to Preschool, We went and played at the toys in the mall, we went shopping ( a lot), and we celebrated Aunt Brookie's 21st Birthday! The girls were sad to have Grandma go because then it was just them and mommy which is not as fun! xoxo Lindz

Abby excited because Grandma Rose brought her a present!

Madison was happy too!

Madison in her cute dress for church!

It is amazing what $5 in quarters will do for kids!

The ice Cream truck was one of the favorites!

Abby rockin' out on the Motorcycle!

Abby going into Preschool!

Madison waving to Grandma while on the toys!

Mommy & Madison

Abby and Mommy in the dressing room at Marices!

Disney on Ice take Two!

Abby and I had so much fun at Disney on Ice in November that we decided to go again in March.
We had so much fun watching the character dance around. We were able to see all the Disney Princess', a bunch of the Disney villain, Jack the Pumpkin King, Toy story Characters, and of course Mickey and Minnie with all of their friends! Abby is so much fun to watch! She claps really loud at the end of each scene! She looks especially cute in her little Princess Dress. If you haven't taken your kids to Disney on ice i highly recommend it!. xoxo Lindz