Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The girls new room in Washington

We moved to the Seattle ,Washington area a couple of weeks ago and I finally got the girls new room put together. My mom helped me get there new quilts made and my sister Kristen made the girls monogram pillows! The girls love sharing a room together! I love how the girls room turned out even though we are renting and couldn't paint or anything. xoxo Lindz

Madison's bed
Abby's bed
I love the cute zebra lamp i found at Target
I have to print picture to go in the frames
Abby posing for the camera
Cute little Madison taking a break
Abby showing off her pillow
sisterly love
One little Madison jumping on the bed....
One little Abby is going to fall on her head!

Family Fun the Day after Christmas with the Higham Family

The day after Christmas my family spent the day together shopping in Park City. We went Bowling with the family that afternoon and finished off the evening eating at Tucano's in Orem. It was so much fun hanging out with everyone. SOmetimes it is just nice spending time with the family. xoxo Lindz

Madison doing her happy dance after successfully pushing the bowling ball down the ramp.
Darren taking the game very seriously
Abby checking out the score.
Mommy and madison
Eating at Tucano's. (Darren's tongs look like they are blacking out Courts teeth!)
Abby and Mommy

Christmas day with the Higham family

Since Christmas was on a Sunday this year we had the great opportunity to go to church on Christmas day. This was a great way to show our kids what Christmas is all about. Christmas evening the rest of my brothers and sister came over to have Christmas dinner as a whole family. We opened family presents and the kids dress-up and did the live nativity! It was so much fun watching my mom try to organize the little kids and show them there parts. My mom got us Chinese lanterns like on the Disney movie Tangled to fly into the sky. It is so nice to get together with family and enjoy the holidays! xoxo Lindz

Abby and Grandma Higham

Abby and Grandma Rose
Our little Family
Abby helping Grandma Rose make little mice silverware holders for dinner.
Abby dressed up in her Wiseman outfit for the nativity
Madison turned in her sheep ears to play baby Jesus
Madison in her sheep costume
Live Nativity

Christmas Morning with the Higham Family

We spent Christmas this year in Utah. My girls were the only "kids" that would be there on Christmas morning and they didn't wake up until 8am so we had a late start to Christmas. The girls had so much fun opening presents from Santa. Courtney and Adam, My parents, Brooke, and Andy were also there to open presents with us. Madison had so much fun tearing all the paper off the presents and then wanted to play with each toy. I had to help Abby pace her present opening so it would last longer than 10 minutes. Christmas is getting to be so much fun with our cute little girls. They are both getting old enough to enjoy it. xoxo Lindz

Abby opening her presents
Madison figuring out how much fun tearing the paper is.
technology starts early these days!
Abby climbing under the Christmas tree to make sure she didn't miss any presents for her.
New Tinkerbell costume to dress-up in!
Madison finally got her favorite toy!
The little people barn to add to our collection.
Abby taking a break with dad
MAdison hiding her bedhead with daddies hat.
Grandma Rose with her new sewing scissors
Adam and Brooke " Phone home"
Abby helping Adam play doctor with his new electric razor!

Sleep Under the Tree with the Gonzales'

The Gonzales Family Annual Sleep Under the Tree party was held this year on December 23rd. We had so much fun playing games and eating some yummy food. They kids had a blast opening new pj's and having a big sleepover with the cousins under the Christmas tree. We opened presents from Grandpa and Grandma in the morning. The kids our so spoiled to have two Christmas mornings to look forward too. xoxo Lindz

Madison is the only one in the family that is a morning person!
Madison is learning how fun it is to unwrap presents!

Abby so excited to get new clothes from Grandma

All the cousins in there Christmas pj's
Madison putting her face under the glass on the coffee table.
Abby in her new pj's
Abby loves her new cuddly pj's

Thanksgiving Program At Preschool

Right before Thanksgiving Abby's Preschool did a really cute little Thanksgiving program. Abby did so good with all of her parts and saying the Pledge of Allegiance .It is so much fun to watch a bunch of four year olds talk into the microphone.We are going to miss Miss Kymms Preschool! xoxo Lindz