Sunday, January 30, 2011

Playing Dress Up

The girls had so much fun playing dress up one day! It was so funny to watch Abby walk in her dress-up shoes! She even got daddy to dress-up with her. Abby wanted me to take pictures of her because she was pretty! Little girls are so much fun! xoxo Lindz

Diinosaur Play Place in Orem

The girls had so much fun playing at the Dinosaur playground in the Orem Mall. Madison loved the slide and would squeal and clap before she went down.I had to put Aunt Brooke on slide duty so I could watch out for Abby! This is the funnest little play place! Especially for a mall.(I took the pictures on my phone so they are a little bit blurry!) xoxo Lindz

New Hair Cuts for 2011

For 2011 I decided to give the girls hair a little spruce! My wonderful friend Colette always does a great job on the girls hair. Abby's hair is finally growing out from the "Scissor incident of 2010!" Madison is getting so big and was in need of a big girl hair cut! It takes all the energy I can find to keep Madison in the chair long enough to get her hair cut! The girls are growing up so fast! Love them! xoxo Lindz

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Gonzales family in January

Our family got a Wii for Christmas this year and we have had so many fun family evenings playing together. Our kids are growing up so fast and sometimes it is fun to take pictures of our everyday activities. Madison has been doing some funny things lately and I thought since I had my camera out I would document them as well! xoxo Lindz
(P.S. i add our holiday pictures to posts farther down so enjoy!)

Abby dancing around for the camera with her Wii remote.

Getting ready to bowl!

The wined up!

Ready, Set, Bowl!

Madison is in love with baby dolls and loves to carry them around by the feet!

Madison loves her Winnie and Poo car and plays with it daily!

She loves to be naughty and stands on it until she falls!

Madison and Princess are best friends and Madison loves to chase her around the house!

She tries to sit on Princess but Princess is to fast!

New Years Eve

We had a blast on New Years Eve hanging out with the Higham family. We played Just dance 2 most of the night and it made me realize that I am totally out of shape! I am excited to start 2011 and look forward to the changes that it brings! xoxo Lindz
Lindsay with Brookie!

Brookie and Abby

Madison getting her party on (before she headed to bed!)

Darren lighting the sparklers on our yummy treats I saw on Oprah!

Abby happy to wearing her Princess crown!

Darren totally Sucking it up on the Wii!

Adam, Brooke, Abby and Darren waiting for their turn to play!

Sparklers outside to bring in the new year!

Christmas Morning with the Higham Family

It was so great to be able to spend Christmas this year in Cedar hills with my whole family! It was great for our kids to be able to spend time with cousins that they do not see very often. We had so much fun watching Abby and Madison open presents this year. Abby finally got the whole Santa Claus thing and Madison finally got the whole opening presents deal! We were spoiled this year as usual and loved all the gifts that we received from our friends and family! We hope that everyone had a great holiday season! xoxo Lindz

Grandpa Rose made Tee Pee's for all the older grand kids! It was great to see their faces
when they came down to a Tee Pee village with their presents in them!

Madison with her presents!

Abby finally loves getting her picture taken again and is great at giving me a pose!

Madison was ready to take a nap but we made her hold out as long as possible!

Abby in her super cute Superman cape that Auntie Kristen made for her!

Madison "Enjoying" her new toys! Abby was made that she wasn't playing with it the Right Way!

Darren opening his train Set! (yep my husband is a little kid!)