Friday, April 26, 2013

Happy 6th Birthday Abby!

My sweet little Abby turned six years on April 22, 2013! Abby started Kindergarten this year and has grown up so much! Abby loves to play with her Best Friends from her class Kayleenah and Jaydan.  Abby also loves to go to Gymnastics class at the Little Gym. Abby started T-ball this year and is loving it! Abby is such a great helper around the house and she is such a good babysitter to her sisters. Abby loves the Avengers, barbies, playing dress- ups, and doing craft projects!  This year we did a combined bday party at Super Jump with her little friend Jaydan. The girls had so much fun with their friends jumping around and going down the slides! Happy Happy Birthday. xoxo Lindz
 Presents from Grandma Rose
 Present time!
 Abby was so nice and let Madison open some of her presents.
 All of her loot!

 Jordyn wanted to play too!

 Chocolate mermaid cake
 Abby and Jaydan
 Happy Happy Birthday
 Birthday friends
 Dad and J in the bouncy house

Baby Jordan is 10 months

Jordyn, baby J, or J.J. as she is called around the house turned 10 months old on April 9th, 2013. She is such a little sweetie. I am talking about pretty much the best baby ever. She plays quietly with the toys in the play room and usually doesn't cry unless she is hungry. She thinks that she is the funniest baby ever and laughs at everything. Jordyn started standing up and letting go of the couch  last week and then chickens out but I think that walking is just around the corner. Abby and Madison love her and fight over who gets to play with her. I am so excited to be the mom to this little girl! xoxo Lindz

South Hill T-ball - The Rams

This year is the first year that Abby has played T-ball. She is on the South Hill Rams which is an all girls t-ball team. She loves playing T-ball and asks me everyday if it is a game day! It is so funny to watch these little girls try to figure out what they are suppose to do on the field. Last game Abby played second base and had two awesome catches. She loves to hit the ball off the tee and runs with her hand on her helmet so it doesn't fall off!. I loved playing softball in the Summer and it makes me happy that Abby likes it too! I hope she has fun this season! xoxo Lindz
 Abby at opening ceremony for T-ball!
 Giving her mom a wave!
 Abby and her coach!
 Daddy and the girls
 Madison and Jordyn  watching Abby playing T-ball
 Hey Madison
 Hey Baby J
 Abby up to bat
 She made it on base!
 Playing first base

 Good Hit!
 Mommy and the girls
The team sang "Happy Birthday " to Abby

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Taking Grandpa and Grandma to Forks and La Push Beach

My parents came to visit us for a week in April. We had fun visiting many sights including a two day trip to see Port Angeles, Forks, and La Push beach. It turned out to be a beautiful day at the beach, We were there at high tide and we all ended up getting wet trying to run away from the waves. Washington is so beautiful with so many sights to see with not much of a drive.  xoxo Lindz

Easter 2013

The girls were so excited to find out what the Easter Bunny left them in their baskets this year. The highlight of the morning was gathering all of the chocolate eggs that the Easter Bunny left all over the house. Madison stopped after the first two or three to taste them. After church we had fun dying Easter Eggs. No matter how many eggs I hard boil the kids always want to dye more. Easter is such a wonderful reminder of how lucky we all are to have a Savior that loved us so much that he gave up his life for us! xoxo Lindz
 New Easter Dresses!
 Madison's new Share Bear
 Baby Jordyn and her Cabbage Patch doll
 Abby scored Rise of the Guardians
 Easter Egg hunt

 Jordyn in her cute Bunny ears!
 Jordyn found an egg of her own

 Cute picture of the girls their dresses

 Coloring eggs