Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Jordyn is Eleven Months Old!

My little baby Jordyn is 11 months old! The time has passed so quickly and it is both sad and exciting to see her growing up and learning new things! Jordyn is the fastest crawler in the northwest and can get into trouble in a blink of an eye! She is so close to walking and every once and a while takes a few steps before she notices and sits down. Jordyn loves food and has the nose of a puppy. She can sniff out food being eaten anywhere in the house. Jordyn laughs at everything and loves to clap, dance, and chase her sisters around! She is the cutest little thing and I am one lucky momma! xoxo Lindz

Abby's Kindergarten Circus

In may Abby took part in the Kindergarten Circus at Zeiger Elementary. This production was so clever and cute! I was pleasantly surprised and entertained during this fun little event. Abby was an awesome clown and I think the best hula-hooper of them all! They sang some really cute songs to go along with their circus acts. So Cute! xoxo Lindz

 Clown Abby
 Circus Parade

Zoo fun with Grandpa and Grandma Gonzales

In April, Grandpa and Grandma Gonzales came to visit along with their little cousin Lizzie. The kids wanted to take them to the zoo and show them the animals. They had so much fun watching all of the animals. The favorites were the monkeys and the sharks.We bought a season pass to Point Defiance Zoo this year so I am sure we will be seeing a lot of the zoo in the near future! xoxo Lindz

 Scary sharks!
Friendly Monkeys

 Jordyn chillin' in the stroller
 Abby and Lizzie hangin' with the monkeys
 Follow the leader
 "J" still in the stroller!
 Jordyn with Grandpa and Grandma
 Madison playing in the sand box and going down the slide.

Princess Tea Party

In April, Madison was invited to a Tea Party with some little girls from church. It was so fun to watch the little girls parade around in their little dresses. This party was adorable with bit size food, crown making, Cinderella treasure hunt, kiss the frog, and candy jewelry. Madison especially liked the part of the party when they jumped on the tramp. Love, Love, Love, this idea! xoxo Lindz

 Crown Making
 Coloring time
 Mini food

 Putting on lipstick to kiss the frog prince
 Enjoying the mini desserts
 Kiss the Frog
All the girls