Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Halloween 2012

This year was our first Halloween in Washington so we started some new traditions. The girls had a blast playing at The Little Gym during their Halloween party. They had some fun things set up on the equipment and the kids had so much fun playing around. We took the family to Madison's school carnival and had fun playing the carnival games and dancing with the DJ. We had fun taking the girls around to different neighborhood  Trick or Treating. This is the first year that Madison really got into the Trick or Treating thing. It was so much fun to watch her finally get it. Happy Halloween! xoxo Lindz
 Abby going  down the big mat slide at the Little Gym
 Jordyn hanging out at the party
 Madison going down the slide together
 The girls showing off their pumpkin that they carved with Daddy
 Madison trying to blow out the candle
 Abby was Bat Girl
 Jordyn was a sad little Pumpkin
 Abby trying to use her superhero powers to make Jordyn feel better
 Jordyn was a ballerina bat
 Mommy and Jordyn
 Trick or Treat

Pumpkin Patch

The girls and I went to visit my sister in Boise the end of September. It was so much fun to spend time with my sister and her cute little boys. We took the kids to Wheeler Farms Pumpkin Patch. They had a great time going on a hayride and picking out their very own pumpkins. The girls  got pumpkins that out weighed both of them. Abby took forever because she just couldn't decide on which one was best :) Madison insisted on riding in the wheel barrow with the pumpkins when we were taking them to the car. xoxo Lindz

 The gang on a hayride
 Madison finding the perfect seat on the hayride
 Abby searching out a pumpkin
 Jordyn with Aunt Kristen
 Madison saving her pumpkin 

 Abby finally found her pumpkin too!
 The kids waiting for the Hayride to come back
 Madison having a fit because she can't ride in the wheelbarrow
mommy gave in! She was so happy that it was worth it.

Madison turns 3 Years Old!

Madison turned three years old on October 22! She is getting soooo big! I love her little personality! She is a beautiful, kind, and loving little girl with a little bit of "spit fire" on the side! Madison loves Toy Story, horses, and her dog Princess. She loves to wrestle daddy and play his iPad. Madison also loves babies and is so sweet to Jordyn. Madison always says funny things like "oh man" and "awe mama!" She stole my box of rice the other day and said," Sorry mine now!" She loves to play outside on the playground and climb up the slides. I love this little girl so much! Our family wouldn't be complete without her! Happy Birthday little girl! xoxo Lindz

 Opening presents
 Posing with sister in her new Snow White dress that Grandma Rose made.
 Opening princess dress
 "Afro Circus" wig that came with the Madagascar 3 movie.
 Jordyn trying on the wig!
 Blowing out the candles
Loves to share her food!

Madison's First Day of School

Madison started her first year of Preschool in October. She was so excited to put on her backpack just like sister.I was super nervous about her riding the bus to school but, she was great and didn't have any problems.I was sad about Abby starting school but I was totally emotional about Madison being old enough to go to preschool! The girls are growing up so fast! xoxo Lindz

 Madison getting ready to go to school
 The girls waiting for the bus to come!
Daddy and Abby taking Madison to the bus.

A day at the Beach

My sister Courtney and her husband Adam came to visit over conference weekend in October.One day while they were here we  spend an afternoon at the beach. The kids (including Darren) had fun playing in the water and collecting seashells. Madison had a blast playing in the sand and getting dirty. The sun was out and it was a beautiful fall day. I think next time we will bring a picnic! xoxo Lindz

 Aunt Court and Madison braving the waves
 Abby and Madison posing for a picture
 i thought the sun in this picture was cool
 Abby found like a hundred seashells 
 Baby "J" sporting the wind blown look!
 Jordyn and Courtney
Madison making sandcastles

I really cannot believe that my little Abby is big enough to go to school! On the morning of her first day I made her favorite "polka dot " muffins ( poppy seed muffins) I also had a sign and some special first day of school presents waiting for her. She was so excited to go to school. She couldn't wait until it was time to get in the car. I was super nervous and a little sad but mostly excited that she was able to go. The day went really well and she loved her teacher! xoxo Lindz

Abby was so much fun on the first day of school

 Madison wanted to get included in the picture!
 Meeting her new teacher Miss Cunningham
 Showing off her caramel apple for the teacher!
Standing with her class under miss "C" sign

Ringling Brothers Circus

Our little family went to the Ringling Brothers Circus Labor Day weekend. Before the show started we were able to go down on the floor and check everything out.  It was so much fun for the kids to see the animals and the performers up close. The kids had a big dance party with the MC Clown. Abby and Madison thought this was so much fun. They had some really cool acts like Motorcycles in a cage and Trapeze performers. The elephants were also really great! I love making these little memories with the family. xoxo Lindz 

 Madison sporting her Ringling Brothers tattoo.
 The elephant making a foot print on paper.
 MC Clown
 Abby with her clown nose
 Madison with her clown nose

 Baby Jordyn with her clown nose!
 Motorcycle Performers
The awesome elephants.