Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or Treat Smell our Feet!

Abby was so cute this year Trick or Treating, she would walk up to the door and say," Say Trick or Treat!" It was hilarious. She would keep telling us " Just one more house!" Madison was stuck in the stroller and just kind of hung out and laughed! The best party of the night was dumping out the candy to see how big our stash was! Love experiencing the holidays throught the eyes of a child! xoxo Lindz(P .S I added a few posts below this one. Enjoy!)

Pumpkin Carving at the Gonzales House

We had so much fun this year at the Gonzales family Pumpkin Carving Party! Darren and I were Vampires, Abby was a Witch and Madison was a cute little CAT!

Darren and his siblings!

Gutting the pumpkins!

Mickey Mouse


All of our scary Pumpkins!

Abby with her cousin Lizzy!

Madison Turns One!!!!!

Madison turned one year old on October 22. I can not believe that my sweet little baby girl is ONE! Where did the time go! Madison is such a sweet little spirit in our home. She loves to follow our dog Princess around the house and tries to get her tail! Princess is easier to play with then big sister Abby who is not really into sister at the moment! Madison loves to eat "real" food. Her favorites right now are Lunchables, Hot dogs, bread, and rice! Madison started walking around like crazy at 11 months and since then Mommies life has gotten complicated! Madison loves to play with her toys and thinks balloons are the greatest thing ever. She likes it best when sister is taking a nap and she can play with whatever toy she wants without fear of retaliation!

We had a great time celebrating Madison's birthday at our house on the 22nd and again with Family on the 23rd in Utah! (note we were also going to do our Gonzales family halloween party so that is why Abby has purple hair!) xoxo Lindz

Saving a little Cake for later!

I am not sure what to do with this thing!

Abby; " it is my turn to blow out the candles Madison!"


Getting ready for the cold Idaho weather!

Opening a baby doll from sister Abby!

Me and My dad!

More balloons, my favorite!

YUM Birthday pancakes for breakfast!

Balloons and Bubbles!