Friday, April 27, 2012

Abby's 5th Birthday

I can't believe that my little girl is already five years old. Abby has the funniest personality! She loves to sing and dance around and loves to play with friends. Abby is a sweet little girl that has turned into a great helper for mom. Abby had a great bday this year and was so excited to get her first bike! Darren had to teach her how to ride it and especially how to use the brakes. Madison had a hard time not being able to play with Abby's toys or open the presents. We topped off the night with some yummy Chocolate cake which is Abby's favorite. xoxo Lindz

Abby got Hello Kitty lego's From Grandmas Rose and Grandpa

Abby's awesome new bike

Abby got clothes and polly pockets from Grandpa and Grandpa Gonzales. She also got a sleeping beauty toy and a dress up from the Roberts.

Abby with all her presents.

Abby  on her new bike!

Riding around the neighborhood.

Daddy adjusting the seat for Abby.
Madison along for the ride.

Madison thinks she needs the helmet to ride.

Madison finally gets a turn on the bike.

Touring Seattle Day Two and three

During our second day touring Seattle we were able to go on a boat tour of the bay, go to the Seattle Aquarium, Eat at Red Robin for Abby's bday, and check out Pikes Market. The Third day we went to the Woodland Park Zoo and had fun looking at all the animals. On Sunday we took a drive to see a big water fall that I can't remember the name of. Anyway it was cool! It was so much fun getting to go out and enjoy the tourist attractions. The best part is that it was really sunny everyday we were out! xoxo Lindz

Abby and Mom showing off their new sunglasses for the boat ride.

Abby hanging out on the top of the boat during the tour.

A view of Downtown Seattle from the Bay.

Madison trying to take a nap on mommy
Abby hangin' out with the elephants at the Woodland park Zoo.

Yee Haw Madison is riding the baby elephant.

I am pretty sure this monkey is the loudest on  in the world. I could here him all over the zoo.

Abby taking a break on the boat.

Madison is truly at home climbing the bamboo with the monkeys.

Abby checking out the animals.

Abby posing with the monkeys.

Checking out the waterfall.

I wish we could have hiked down to the bottom but I am 8 1/2 months prego and it didn't sound like a good idea.

Touring Seattle with Grandpa and Grandma Gonzales

On our first day touring Seattle we went to the Space Needle, the EMP Museum, and the Pacific Science Center. The kids had so much fun getting to see everything and especially enjoyed the Science Center. Darren and I have been before but it was so much fun with the girls. xoxo Lindz

Grandma and Madison on top of the Space Needle.

Daddy and Abby checking out the city from the Space Needle.

Abby and Madison looking at the cool dinosaurs in the water at the Science Center.

Abby thought it was great to use the squirt gun to make the pinwheels go.
Madison thought it was great to just shoot stuff with water.

They have a great little kids area at the Science Center. my kids could have spent all day there.

Darren put the kids inside the Tornato simulator. It was seriously hilarious!
Madison splashing all the other kids with water at the Science Center.

Guitar Tower at  the EMP Museum,

Advatar was on display at the EMP Museum.
They had this weird projector at the EMP museum that made your shadow look like a monster.


We had so much fun this year celebrating Easter at our new place in Washington. The girls had a blast decorating eggs and having an Easter Egg hunt. They are both getting so big and it is getting more fun to celebrate holidays with them. xoxo Lindz

Madison showing off her egg. 

Abby finding Easter eggs outside

Darren thought it was hilarious to clip eggs to the girls hair!

Abby is so proud of her glitter egg  that she made by herself.

Madison is tired from church and all mom wants to do is take pictures.

Madison finding some Easter Eggs of her own.

Abby and Daddy in their Easter clothes.

Madison is finding the chocolate eggs that the Easter bunny left around the house.

Typical family picture.

Abby showing off her new Madagascar  movies.

Abby found a bunch of chocolate eggs. I am sure that I will gain an extra 10lbs from them!

Surprise visit from Aunt Courtney and Grandma Rose

Aunt Courtney and Grandma Rose came to visit us in Seattle  for spring break. When we went to pick up Courtney from the airport we found Grandma Rose  at baggage claim! This would not be unusual except that I did not know that she was coming! SURPRISE! We had a fun time making new baby bedding and visiting downtown Seattle. We had fun at the aquarium and walking around the pier. We also drove up to the Space Needle so they could look at it up close. It was really fun to have them some to our house and visit! xoxo Lindz

Abby and Madison touching the sea life.

Abby pretending to swim with the fishes.

Wahoo! Abby loves to pretend that we are on a roller coaster whenever we are going down a steep hill.

Mom and Abby at the pier.

Abby took this picture so that we could get one together!

Abby and Madison pretending to Scuba.

Abby and Aunt Court with the octopus.
Abby and Aunt Court at the Pier.