Sunday, August 23, 2009

Oh No... I am all Wet!

Abby has been in love with showers lately so when she was outside and the sprinklers came on she had no problem jumping right in! It took her about five minutes to be completely soaked! When she realized she was all wet she just stood in the middle of the grass yelling I am all wet wanting one of us to go and get her. Finally she came back to the driveway shivering! If I would have known she was going to run through the sprinklers I would have gotten the soap and shampoo!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hogle Zoo

Abby and I went with my mom, sister Brooke and sister Courtney to Hogle zoo last week. Abby had so much fun looking at all of animals and even had to go back for a second look at the Monkeys! She would grab my camera and tell me to "take a picture mommy!" I think her favorite part was the train ride around the zoo. It was a great little adventure that knocked her out for nap time! xoxo Lindz

Lake Powell

We went to Lake Powell this year at the end of July for family vacation. It was beautiful weather and the water was up about 20 ft from two years ago when we went. We had so much fun with Darren's family. Abby had fun playing in the water with her cousins and riding on the wave runners with daddy. She had some problems figuring out how to work the life jacket so she just held on to Daddy when it got to deep! Darren even convinced Abby to go off the house boat slide three times! Darren had a little to much fun on the wave runners and has a few big bruises to show for it! It was so nice to relax on the water!