Saturday, September 15, 2012

Our Trip to Port Angelos & Forks, Washington

 For my  30th Birthday Darren and the girls took me on a trip to Port Angelos ,Washington. Being the big Twilight fan that I am, I couldn't go to Port Angelos without heading over to Fork and La Push Beach for a Twilight tour! The Twilight tour is a book tour not a movie tour so the town of Forks just picked places in town that went a long with the book. It is fun to drive around and hit all the "hot" spots. La Push beach was absolutely gorgeous! It was a beautiful day and the beach is so clean. The kids had a blast playing in the ocean.  Our hotel in Port Angelos was get and we had a view of the ocean from our hotel balconey. We watches the Cruise ships and Oil ships go in and out of the harbor. We got to see beautiful sunsets. This was one of the best most relaxing trips that I have been on in forever! Thanks Darren! xoxo Lindz

 Hotel Pool
 Abby took this picture for us since I am never in them.
 Had to hit the playground
 Peer by our hotel
 View from our hotel room
 Dr. Cullen's parking spot at the hospital.
 I made it to Forks!
 High school
 Found a funny tour bus!

 Outfitters where Bella Works
 Bella's Truck
Found the gang hanging out downtown!

( i have more pictures but the upload in being dumb so I give up!)

Tacoma Rainier's Baseball Game

In August we got free tickets to the Tacoma Rainier's baseball game. They are the team that feeds into the Seattle Mariners. It was so much fun to take the kids to the game. There was a lot of entertainment between inning it kept it interesting for the kids. We all received hats at the door when we came in so we felt like we had team spirit! xoxo Lindz

Darren, Abby, and Baby Jordyn

 Mom embarrassing Madison with another picture! 
 Big Surprise...Jordyn is sleeping through the whole thing!

Wow! Good Hit!