Sunday, September 8, 2013

First day of School

It is that time of year again! The time the kids head back to school. Abby is starting First Grade this year at Zeiger Elementary and has Mrs. Smith and Madison is in Preschool again at Edgerton Elementary and is in Mrs. Weirs class. The kids actually love to go back to school and most days I am too! Abby had fun this year picking out her school clothes. She wants to pick out her outfit for everyday of school! Madison loves going on the bus to school and has missed Miss Connies class. I hope that this year is a good one! 
xoxo Lindz

 Abby and her fish

Jordyn is being a little stinker!

Jordyn is 14 months and she is a little stinker! She is such a smart little cookie and thinks that she can do anything her sisters do. If she wants something she figures our how to get it! I had my camera out during the week just to see what cute/ naughty things that I could catch her doing. Here are the highlights! ENJOY! xoxo Lindz

 This is the " I am so cute look after she has done something naughty"
 This is her shopping cart that she uses to transport items all over the house including the stool so she can reach stuff!
 She is in love with babies but usually just throws them on the floor so she can hug them better!
 Watch out baby!
 She is determined ot get what she wants!

 She uses my ottoman for a trampoline and has fallen off many times!
 Jump Jump Jump
 Playing cheerleader with dad ( sorry didn't flip the video)

 She decided she wanted to join the sisters for a bath so she got in with her clothes on!
Whats the big deal mom!

Fourth of July- Freedom Festival

This year we were lucky enough to spend the Fourth of July in Utah with both of our families. One of our favorite traditions is going to the Freedom Festival in Provo, UT. The kids love to go on the carnival rides and I love to look at all the cool booths and eat the awesome food! We went to a pool party at the Gonzales' house and had a yummy BBQ. Abby and I went with Aunt Courtney, Grandpa and Grandma Higham, Aunt Kristen, and Cousin Morgan to the Stadium of Fire at BYU Stadium. Were were able to see Carly Rae Jepsen preform and Kelly Clarkson. If you haven't seen Kelly before, she puts on an AWESOME show! To top it all of we saw the amazing firework show after the concert! Abby was so tired and really just wanted Kelly to sing the Stronger song so she could go to sleep. I carried her all the way (2 miles) back to the car! We had a great Fourth this year! xoxo Lindz

 The girls in their cute outfits at the Freedom Festival.

 Jordyn smiling it up for the camera!

We even found a princess to get our pictures taken with!

 Abby so excited to be at the Stadium of Fire!
 Abby and Mommy 

 Sneek shot of grandma and grandpa
 Hey look it is all of us!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Brooke and Todd's Wedding Festivities

My Littlest Sister Brooke and her man Todd got married on July 6, 2013 in the Manti Temple. The week before the wedding we were able to participate in some fun wedding activities including; a bridal shower, her endowments, the wedding dinner, and the wedding. It was so fun to see her get her endowments out in the Timp. Temple. I love going to the temple as a  big family. Her bridal shower was so much fun (and decorated so awesomely by me ;). Her wedding was beautiful and she looked like a model in a bridal magazine! Her sealing was wonderful and it brings me back to my own wedding and what a great day it was for me! It was so fun to see Brooke take on this new role as a wife and to welcome Todd to the family! Congrats Todd and Brook Leemaster! xoxo Lindz

 Endowment Day
 Bridal Shower pictures

 Me with my handsome husband at the wedding dinner!
 Adam and Courtney
 Kristen and Morgan
Dad and Brooke

Stadium of Fire 2013

Abby and I went to Stadium of Fire at the BYU stadium in Prove, UT on the 4th of July. We were able to see skydivers, dance performer, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Kelly Clarkson! Abby had fun watching the dancer preform but got annoyed when the artists did not play the song she wanted to hear first! Abby fell asleep waiting for Kelly Clarkson to play her Stronger song and we had to wake her up! The fireworks were amazing. I ended up carrying Abby back to the car since she fell asleep as soon as I picked her up in the stadium. ( it was like 2 miles to our car!) It was so much fun sharing this experience with Abby. Loved the concerts as well. xoxo Lindz

 Abby and Mommy
 Grandma Rose
 Grandpa and Grandma
 Lindsay, Courtney, Kristen, and Morgan
Thanks to the random person who helped us take a family picture!

Abby asleep as I carry her to the car!