Friday, January 10, 2014

Happy New Year...2014

The New Year brought many more fun activities for our family. Abby and mommy went on a girls day to Gardener Village with Auntie Court and Auntie Kristen. We went to the most amazing fabric shop and helped Auntie Court pick out material for some baby sewing projects (twins!). We also had fun bowling with family. The girls had so much fun winning tickets at the arcade when we were done bowling. We had a fun New Years Eve party including Just Dance 4 and of course delicious food! I am happy to see 2013 go and so excited for 2014 and the excitement and hope that it brings. xoxo Lindz
 Auntie Court, Grandma Rose , and Abby
 Grandma Rose, Lindsay, Abby, Court ( and babies), Kristen
 Abby and Mommy
 Lindsay bowls a STRIKE!
 Madison loves to take pictures. She is my little photographer
 Courtney and her baby bump
 Abby posing with her ball
 Madison and Mommy
 Abby with her cousins James and Clay playing Just Dance 4

 Court sporting her glow-in-the -dark glasses
 Abby posing AGAIN
 Jordyn banging on pans to bring in the New Year ( at 9pm)
 Abby and Madison getting a New Years kiss <3 p="">
 Waking up the neighbors with noise
Happy New Year!