Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bye Princess!

In December we decided to find our dog Princess a new home. We are renting in Washington and had a hard time finding a place in the area that would let us have a big dog. We felt like Princess was not getting the attention that she needed at our house since we moved. Princess has been in our house since she was born in 2005. It was so hard to give her away but we found a wonderful home for her with some friends from Taylorsville. We were able to give her to a family with too little girls that lost there dog to cancer. They were able to wake up on Christmas morning to a new dog to play with. Since I am writing this post later I can say that Princess is so excited to be at her new home and loves her two little friends. She is so spoiled  by these little girls and even gets to go to the babysitters during the day. We miss her so much but we think she will have a better quality of life with her new family. :( xoxo Lindz